Camilla Tadich

“All of my paintings are planned from photographs that I have taken,” Tadich says of her practice. “I venture into the dark night and drive for hours until I have found the right composition/subject/light. Anybody who has joined me on one my photographic adventures knows I’m scared of the dark and will often jump back in the car at the earliest opportunity. When I make a painting I’m a bit obsessive about detail, but I’ll allow some unplanned brushwork (mistakes) to remain.”
Tadich has an eye for alluring and mysterious sights. The viewer is a passenger on a vicarious and disquieting road trip. Her paintings are individual episodes replete with implied narratives that all portend to end badly, but in the moment shown they are simply beguiling. A dark vein of humour courses through the work, like the funny name of her last show, Slabalong – you laugh at it to show that you’re not afraid. Tadich graduated from the Victorian College of the Arts in 2005 and has been exhibiting regularly ever since. She was recently awarded an Australia Council New work grant to assist with creation of recent new solo exhibition, SLABALONG, which was exhibited at Sophie Gannon gallery in 2010.