Paul Williams

Paul Williams’ cross-disciplinary practice, spanning drawing, sculpture and painting is primarily concerned with the ritual of gesture, the mark making, scratching, erasing and re-working that imitates creation, experimentation and destruction. Armed with his thickly painted pallettes and earthenware shields, William’s is ready for battle. The diverse use of materials and oscillation between form and function, to Williams, reflect the conundrums of the artist in the studio. Born in 1977, Williams lives and works in Sydney. In 2007 he received a Bachelor of Fine Arts with first class Honours and the University Medal and in 2011 received a Master of Fine Arts from the College of Fine Arts. He was the recipient of the Art on Paper 2009 Friends of Hazelhurst Award at Hazelhurst Regional Art Gallery, received a residency at the Cité Internationale des Art in Paris in 2010 and was the recipient of an Artstart Grant from the Australia Council for the Arts in 2012.