Charlie Djinmalala Brian

In the remote top end of Australia, art and ceremony are intimately bound. Charlie Djinmalala Brian of Buluhkadaru community, not far from the township of Maningrida in South Central Arnhem Land, is a well-respected elder and custodian of tradition. Marburr reconstitutes ancient sculptural images of human remains and the traditional burial poles – the Lorrkon- once used by his ancestors. “Lorrkon is an important traditional mortuary ceremony which is now rarely practiced,” Djinmalala Brian says. “By replicating the human bones and making hollow log coffins I am continuing the story for Lorrkon. These sculptures replicate the way we prepare a dead man’s bones for Lorrkon, or burial ceremony. Lorrkon is only for men, not women.” Djinmalala Brian has recently collaborated with Sam Leach for the First Life Residency Exhibition in 2011, Xin Dong Cheng Space for Contemporary Art, Beijing and has recently been selected for the 2012 TOGART Contemporary Art Award at Chan Contemporary Art Space, Darwin.