Daniel Moulds

In Curiositas arte factum Daniel Moulds embraces media archaelogy – pondering forgotten, obsolete or otherwise dead media and incorporates elements of storytelling, forgery, prophecy, mysticism and alchemy. This collection of ‘artifacts’ challenges the viewer to consider their cultural ‘significance’.  This series comes replete with its own introductory narrative:
“On the 6th of March 2010 Melbourne was pummelled by one of the worst storms it had ever seen. The day became almost as dark as night, as hailstones the size of billiard balls fell from the sky, and streets became rivers … After hearing a peculiar noise, a woman climbed to the attic of her Toorak home to inspect for damage. Having grown up there, the family home for generations past, she knew the place well, even in the blackness of the power outage, and noticed something unusual. She detected a section of wall where the plaster had cracked and crumbled away slightly, revealing a cavity. Straining her eyes in the candlelight, she laid eyes upon a large hessian flour sack, inside of which she came across a trove of mysterious arcane objects, wrapped in layers of linen …”
Moulds completed his Bachelor of Visual Arts and Design, ACU University, Melbourne, 2011.