James Little

James Little’s drawings and installations are both delicate and intriguing; meticulously rendered vignettes of shards of meat and cascading hair. Little has claimed to be uncertain about the meaning-value of his own talent, referring to himself as a full-time graphite technician, but his work displayed at the RMIT Graduate Show in 2011 put lie to that belief, while his follow-up show at the Kings Artists Run Space in 2012, I’ll Tell You About It Sometime confirmed what the NotFair curators already knew; here is an artist who knows the finer points of the capabilities of a pencil, with the works displayed there extended to become near installation in style, dripping to the floor in a bleeding sense of encroachment. Little was born in Melbourne. He recently completed his Bachelor of Fine Art at RMIT and has shown his work at Kings Ari and First Site galleries in Melbourne.