Malcolm Lloyd

Malcolm Lloyd examines the transition of time, space and the urban environment through the desecration of the paper’s surface. He employs a variety of implements – perforating it with razor blades, pencils and a collection of pins. Contrasting elements are placed against each other in the attempt to question and challenge classical or traditional notions of composition, beauty and design. “It is a process that allows for tactility and sensitivity to time and the world around us,” Lloyd says. “Each work utilises the processes of drawing and sculpture.”
“There is a lot of topographical mapping in my works – like you are flying across the landscape.” Lloyd completed his Bachelor of Fine Art (Drawing) RMIT University, 2009, Melbourne and has held two solo exhibitions, Disruptive Visions, Kings Gallery, Melbourne, 2011 and Daily Traffic at First Site RMIT Union Gallery, Melbourne 2010. He is the recipient of the Siemens Fine Art Travelling Scholarship (Undergraduate) and the Metasenta Drawing Prize.