Murray McKeich

Murray McKeich has been using computer technology for many years to create his macabre imagery. But it has none of the high-gloss or hi-tech aesthetics that so often characterises such work. Indeed, McKeich’s approach suggests the opposite; it is in his abuse of technology that the potency emerges. For all of the cool, medical-examination style of installation, what creates the grit in these works is McKeich’s materials. He uses rubbish as his source material; all sorts of rotting, stinking, putrid debris oozing all over his state-of-the-art technology. When he scans his detritus it may clear away the smell, but not the hint of malevolent, maggot-ridden rot. McKeich titled this body of work pzombie. Does this make his zombies postmodern zombies, psychotic zombies (aren’t they all?). Is he investigating the psychology of zombies?