Paul Quinn

There is a strange duality in Paul Quinn’s most recent works. They are very clearly, and savagely, a socio-political commentary on the current war in the Middle East – if not of war full stop. Quinn’s most recent works were constructed as part of recent research relating to common cognitive distortions, disorders, which produce “irrational and unnecessary”, fear, and worry. “The project includes a detailed study of catastrophisation, where some individuals imagine gigantic and terrifying outcomes as a result of their own relatively insignificant mistakes,” Quinn says. That is not to describe these mis en scenes as ‘insignificant.’ Quinn uses rape as a broader metaphor for a catastrophic militaristic campaign.
Quinn was born in Hobart Tasmania, in 1962. He has completed a Bachelor of Fine Art (Teaching) at the Tasmanian School of Art, a Graduate Diploma of Fine Art at The Victorian College of the Arts, Master of Arts at Victoria University of Technology. Quinn has exhibited in over 40 solo and group exhibitions and has established several public artworks. He has received funding from the Australia Council for the Arts to research virtual reality technology in Japan and Australia Council for the Arts Tokyo studio/residency. He is currently undertaking a PhD research project, titled Modeling for Castastrophisation, at Monash University and is a teacher and course coordinator at Swinburne University.