Rob Brown

There is a fine line here between slapstick humour and bad, bad taste, but Brown pulls it off. A part of this is the searing intelligence at play and part of it is the fact that the works are simply beautifully painted. Brown captures that uniquely Aussie larrikin humour in such a way that it is almost impossible to be truly offended. We are simultaneously repulsed and seduced. It’s an array of psychotic heroes, an asylum of Ozzie icons and Territory zombies. An array of terrifying intensity that is leavened by South Park–style humour.
Brown has lived in Darwin for the past 10 years. Following a work-related back injury, he decided to take his art more seriously and studied at Southern Cross University in Lismore. He then settled in Darwin where he studied for his fine arts degree at Charles Darwin University. He has been a compulsive illustrator and writer since he was young
and has notebooks filled with thoughts and drawings. He has held solo exhibitions at CDU Galleries, CAU Gallery and 24HR Art in Darwin.