Thorston Richter

Dark, melancholic and mysterious, Richter’s photographs focus on the settings for social dramas; architectural interiors that concentrate intense interactions. Boxing rings, religious settings, fetish clubs and bordellos amongst them. To date they remain unpopulated and their human drama is carried by the arrangement of objects and traces, evoking powerful presences, rendered with a severe and relentless beauty. The primary purpose of his photography is to investigate elements of our pre-ordained reality. “What we consider to be the essential facts are rarely so and my quest has been to reach past the signs of the photographic image in order to investigate the underlying strangeness of the familiar.” Richter was awarded the 2011 Working Together NTEU/MEAA Acquisitive Prize for his lambda print Ode to One Who Witnessed the Burning Bush during his studies at the Victorian College of the Arts in 2011.