“NOTFAIR, an art event unlike any other worldwide.”
John Engelen, De De Ce Blog

“Painters rebel yell in support of the next big thing”
Michaela Boland, The Australian, Tuesday July 13th, 2010

“The Notfair curatorial structure should appeal to buyers in an art market where collectors are always on the hunt for the next big thing.” Michaela Boland, The Australian, Tuesday July 13th, 2010

“As a result the space, is becoming a zone for international cultural exchange and has the potential to play an important role linking Australian contemporary art to the rest of the world.”
Carrie Miller, Entering Orbit, Australian Art Collector, 2010

“Leach was also one of three minds behind this year’s inaugural NotFair art show, which threatened to eclipse the much bigger Melbourne Art Fair at the Royal Exhibition Buildings.” Gabriella Coslovich, “It was a tricky time for artists and collectors alike”, The Age, 2010

“Fringe artists at the Forefront....While Akira Akira, Jordan Marani or Camila Tadich are not household names, they could well break through to some fame in days ahead.” Simon Plant, “Fringe Artists at the Forefront”, Herald Sun, Tuesday 3rd August, 2010

“NotFair is already carving a niche for itself as an artists’ fair, but one that organisers clearly hope will have crossover commercial appeal”, Jane O’Sullivan, “The Artists’ Fair”, Australian Art Collector, August 2010

“Although a satellite event to the official’ Art Fair, NotFair won the hearts and minds of the people, who

crowded into its makeshift Richmond gallery on opening night and spilled out into the streets”

Gabriella Cosolovich, The Year in Art, The Melbourne Magazine, January 2011

“There is a buzz around Melbourne for the Notfair.”
Fenella Kernebone, Art Nation, ABC (See attached documentary)

Detailed information about NotFair including artist profiles, organization details and events will also be anchored at www.artinfo.com.au a Melbourne based website hosting reviews, interviews and news on visual arts in Melbourne. The site currently receives in excess of 2,000 unique hits per month and is an invaluable vehicle for the dissemination of NotFair related news and information. Artinfo is also hosting our website: www.notfair.com.au

A major public relations campaign for 2010 yielded extraordinary results and numerous editorial throughout all media vehicles including:

ABC Television, Art Nation
The Age Newspaper, Melbourne
The Australian Newspaper
Herald Sun
Australian Art Collector
Artist Profile
Art Almanac
3RRR FM- Architects Program & Arts Program Artlife.com
Art Monthly Australia
Art Gallery Guide, Australia
Art Hotels Magazine, Australia
Art Market Report, Australia
Broadsheet Online
Three Thousand Online Publication
Trouble Arts Magazine



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