Why do you make art?

Life and my experience of the world would be too painful without making art.

Who do you make it for?


Do you have heroes? Is so, who, if not why not?

My mum and her mum, Grace Jones, Laurie Anderson. Eve Hesse, Claire Gavronski, Rose Shakinovski, and every one of my friends.

Do you plan out a piece or do you wing it?

My works are often on the boil, in the background, or churning over in my head for long periods of time before I actually make anything. I do bits and then I do something else, and then some more of the bit and then maybe trash the whole thing and start all over. Mostly when I really try to plan things, like make a schedule and organise a shoot etc, it is never as good as when I fall into something through walking, conversation, play, writing, wandering or too long in the bath.

How do you know when you are finished?

Finished! Finished? Who said anything about being finished!

What was the first exhibition/artwork you saw that blew your mind?

There are so many memories… my dad gave me an aboriginal dot painting of a kangaroo, which was given to him by the artist when he was working in central Australia in the 70’s. It was painted on bark. I was about three and used to stare at it for hours following the dots and loosing myself in the colours.

Name a recent exhibition that impressed you?

Mortal Engine

If you could have any artwork in the world what would it be?

Most probably a Rembrandt.